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All Natural Smoked Venison and Bison


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At Texas Wild Chews, we love dogs. 

  Texas Wild Chews is a Texas based company.  Here at Texas Wild Chews, we are all committed to giving our own dogs the highest quality natural foods available and the best quality all natural dog snacks and dog treats.  After giving our own dogs all sorts of natural bones and treats, we noticed that dogs really like the taste of venison and especially hickory smoked venison bones. 

Venison makes a great protein source for their diet and offers some variation for them.  Our smoked venison bones make a great alternative snack chew for dogs that have allergies to other proteins and because we make an all natural product, it is good for dogs without allergies of any kind too.  Try natural venison bones for your dog and you will see that they truly enjoy the wild taste that it offers.

Bison also makes a good alternative protein source.  All of the bison that we use are free range Texas Bison.  Our Texas Bison bones are hickory smoked to perfection.  If you have a large dog that likes to chew...then your dog just might have met it's match with these bones.  Bison is becoming more and more popular as a natural alternative for dogs.  Many new dog foods contain bison as a unique protein source and dogs are not only loving it but they are also performing well on it.   If your dog has an allergy to beef, that doesn't necessarily mean that they have an intolerance of bison.  These new additions to Texas Wild Chews are sure to provide hours and hours and hours of entertainment.  You will find them next to our venison products under the heading Texas Bison in our online store: Shop Our Dog Chews.

All of the hickory smoked dog bones that we offer are from animals that are fed a natural diet and never grazed in pastures that have been sprayed by chemicals so you can rest knowing that Texas Wild Chews hickory smoked dog bones are 100% ALL NATURAL which means:

  • no added hormones or antibiotics
  • no artificial colors
  • no preservatives
  • no artificial ingredients of any kind.

Also, we're proud that all of our venison and bison products are sourced and produced right here in the USA.  Nothing is ever imported from other countries.  All of our dog bones are slow smoked at a low temperature with real hickory wood.  Our smoking process will not weaken the bone and therefore help the bone to avoid splintering that is caused when bones are cooked or boiled. 

We have strict handling procedures on all of our dog bones and we also inspect our product before and after it is smoked to guarantee the finest quality and healthiest product for your dog.  We hand trim all of our deer, elk and bison bones and discard many bones that we consider to be unfit for your dog.  We're very proud of the care that we take to provide your dog with the best natural smoked bones.  You can read more about our strict quality assurance on our Product Quality page. 

Our Antler Chews are top quality! 

We use natural antler sheds from free range deer and elk.  The antlers that we use have ben cut to sizes that will match all sizes of dogs.  The ends are all sanded down to avoid any sharp edges.  Most dogs absolutely love our natural antler chews.  If they don't, let us know and we'll give you credit towards some of our smoked bones or just return the antlers and we'll be happy to refund your money.  Check out our natural antler chews at: Shop Our Dog Chews. 

At Texas Wild Chews, we always have something up our sleeves and we also have some great new (and unique) natural chew products on the way, so check back often.  If you join our Customer Registration, we will send out frequent internet specials that offer savings on your orders and we will also let you know immediately when new products have been added to our line up.

Please browse and enjoy our site.

Your dogs will love our smoked Venison, Bison and Wild Boar bones as well as our Natural Antler Chews!



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